KIDS CAN  is an organization founded by Sandye Linnetz, that encourages and honors compassion and contribution, with kids collecting non-perishable food items and toiletries for distribution through local charities.  To invite Sandye to speak at your school, church, synagogue, team, club or organization; find out how to set up a chapter in your area, get further information or to make a donation, please contact Sandye at:
The LISTENING Challenge It seems that what most people really want and need is simply "to be heard". No conversation                                                
ever really happens by accident. And the
potential value of each conversation? Off the charts... Here's the "game"; the challenge:  Listen! That's it... 
just listen. During the course of the next few days (and longer if you are so inclined), listen like your life depended on it! Let go of judgment, evaluation and your own agenda and actively, reflectively listen to others. You can do this with those already in your life, and/or with people you wouldn't normally pay attention to... the sales clerk, the waiter, your mother...   Ask a question and  listen - without agreement, disagreement or adding anything. Listening seems like such a simple thing. Effective listening? That takes a commitment on your part. and requires that you are completely present - in the moment. I request that you BE the receiver and observer, and report back in the spirit of "pay it forward". The results should be amazing. Please email the results of your "listening experiences" to:
Here's listening to you, Kid!

Clients put their "best foot forward" in business and in the business of life with the empowering support of CENTER-COURT coach, Sandye Linnetz. No more watching from the stands as your life plays out... You'll be out of your seat and totally immersed in the action of your own "custom designed" game of life.  Jump into center court and start playing the game! Face to Face and Telephone Coaching are both available.    contact: Sandye (310) 995-1949
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